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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Applications for all four academic programmes offered at St Jo Sup must be submitted at this website:

For more information, please contact us at

Presentation of St Jo Sup

About us

St Jo Sup is the post-secondary education department at Saint-Joseph secondary school. Located in downtown Le Havre, St Jo Sup is housed in one of the city’s largest office complexes, the Centre de Commerce International.

In our small school, every student finds his or her place in a bustling, study-oriented setting.

St Jo Sup offers four programmes of study:

  • a preparatory class in economics and commerce with a major in economics
  • a preparatory class for the national maritime academy (ENSM)
  • the undergraduate (two-year) diploma in IS for organisations
  • the undergraduate (two-year) diploma in communication

Admissions procedure

Students apply online at between 20 January and 20 March every year, in general.

Please contact us for further information:

St Jo Sup

182 quai George V

76600 Le Havre


Tel: 02 35 22 51 52

Preparatory class for the ENSM national maritime academy

This mixed-gender class prepares students for the entrance examination to the marine programme for first class officers at France’s national maritime academy, ENSM.

France has two marine academies: one in Le Havre and one in Marseille.

Preparatory class in economics and commerce

St Jo Sup delivers a two-year preparatory class in economics and commerce, major in economics, for candidates preparing the entrance examination to various French elite business schools (grandes écoles). First year is devoted to reinforcing prior concepts and learning new ones to master methods and techniques. Second year features a variety of practica for you to apply your skills and sit your chosen school’s entrance examination with confidence.

Undergraduate diploma in IT for organisations (BTS SIO)

Today’s businesses and administrations need information to be readily available, reliable, secure, and quickly accessible. Computer services meet these performance requirements.

Graduates of the BTS SIO programme are able to analyse customer requests, make proposals, and develop computer solutions.

The solutions always involve two closely-linked aspects: software and hardware.

Accordingly, there are two different majors for the BTS SIO: software, solutions and business applications (Fr. SLAM) and infrastructure, system and network solutions (Fr. SISR). Both majors involve a similar core set of courses. Students choose their major at the beginning of the second semester.

Undergraduate diploma (BTS) in communication

Graduates of this BTS in communication programme know how to design and implement communication initiatives, such as advertising, events organising, and relationship building as part of marketing, institutional, social media or public campaigns.

The BTS prepares students to help create types and content of internal and external communication, following the strategy put in place by management. They learn to guarantee quality and consistency.

The BTS teaches non-specialist communication techniques. Graduates are able to adapt to a wide variety of work situations and act within rapidly changing professional and socio-economic settings.

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