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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Applications for all four academic programmes offered at St Jo Sup must be submitted at this website:

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Prep class economics and commerce, economics major

Undergraduate studies (five years of university)

St Jo Sup delivers a two-year preparatory class in economics and commerce, major in economics, for candidates preparing the entrance examination to various French elite business schools (grandes écoles).

First year is devoted to reinforcing prior concepts and learning new ones to master methods and techniques. Second year features a variety of practica for you to apply your skills and sit your chosen school’s entrance examination with confidence.

Subjects taught

First and second year Hours per week
Contemporary economics and history 6H
Introduction to economics (micro/macro) 2H
Mathematics – Computer science 8H
General knowledge: Philosophy (preparation for essay) 3H
General knowledge: French (preparation for précis writing) 3H
Foreign language 1: English 3H
Foreign language 2: (Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese or Japanese) 3H
Physical education 2H
Total 30H

Course content

This programme of study has the major advantage of devoting similar amounts of time to most subjects. Two subjects – economics and mathematics – somewhat “dominate” the timetable, but philosophy, French and foreign languages balance it out.

Oral examinations: Year-long, there are weekly oral examinations with two or three students per week, one subject at a time.

Study hall – Mock exams: Study hall is organised at least once a week, in addition to two mock exams a year.

Work placements in foreign countries at the end of first year (July): Students can do a work placement in the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Germany or China.

Admission requirements

Admission is by application. Applicants must have a French school-leaving diploma in the economics and social sciences or literary (with math major) streams (baccalauréat ES or L).

Type of students admitted: ambitious and dynamic. Passionate about the world around us and about human relationships. Balanced students with good marks and the desire to surpass their limits.

Subsequent studies

Grande école business schools in Paris and the greater Paris region

HEC (Hautes Études Commerciales), ESSEC Business School, ESCP Europe Business School

Grande école business schools elsewhere in France

EMLYON Business School, Audencia Nantes School of Management), EDHEC Business School (Lille and Nice), ESC Grenoble, EM Strasbourg Business School, Toulouse Business School

ECRICOME business schools

ICN Graduate Business School, Kedge Business School (BEM and Euromed), Neoma Business School, Rouen Business School.

Other business schools elsewhere in France

Skema Business School, France Business School, EMN, Burgundy School of Business, ESC Rennes School of Business, Sup de Co Montpellier Business School, La Rochelle Business School

Many other graduate schools and management institutes (ISC, ESLSCA, INSEEC, ESG, etc.)

All these schools deliver an official master’s degree (Bac + 5) approved by the French Ministry of Education and defined by EU standards.

Career possibilities

France’s elite business and management schools generally deliver a three-year programme that prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in corporate or business management, administration, commerce, sales, or finance (e.g. CEOs, branch managers, staff managers, product line managers, legal or tax advisors, accountants, human resource directors, etc.).

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