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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Maritime academy prep class


Subject Hours per week
Mathematics 10H
Physics 6H
English 2H
French 4H
Sailing (elective) 4H


This mixed-gender class prepares students for the entrance examination to the marine programme for first class officers at France’s national maritime academy, ENSM.

France has two marine academies, one in Le Havre and one in Marseille.

The class is also open to students seeking a science refresher course without the goal of sitting the ENSM entrance exam.

Subjects taught

Math – Physics – English – French

The subjects taught are the same as those featured on the ENSM entrance examination. Students also prepare for the TOEIC.

Several sessions are organised.

The ENSM entrance examination is held in May, and the preparatory class lasts approximately 28 weeks. The course load is therefore very intense from the first day of class to the eve of the exam.

The preparatory class is supervised by a lead professor who:

Attendance at lectures, practicum classes, and study hall is mandatory and strictly taken. Students are regularly tested from the outset of the preparatory class. Several mock exams are also organised.

Admission requirements

The preparatory class generally admits students with the French Science stream school-leaving certificate (baccalauréat S). However, highly motivated students with another secondary certificate are also invited to apply.

Career possibilities

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