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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Cultural Centre

Exploring new ground

Opened in September 2011 on the ground floor of the multimedia library, the Cultural Centre is a new resource for students and teachers looking to extend learning beyond the classroom with a cultural dimension that is accessible to all. Designed as a space to try new things, the Centre hosts the school’s extracurricular activities where conventional class content is enriched with the resources and infrastructure needed for a variety of projects. Large in size, it is also used as a meeting area and for other important events held throughout the school year.

The Centre offers:

The list of activities held at the centre in the last two years is rich – and set to grow:


  • An international week, including plays, singing, exhibitions, calligraphy, a fashion show and gourmet food events
  • A week of diverse events and activities on environmental issues
  • School performances (plays, dance, etc.)
  • Exhibitions (of work by St-Jo graduates who went on to fine arts, middle school students, regional artists and work produced as part of school events throughout the year: (e.g. “Images de Mages”, “L’écologie, l’avenir des petits génies”)
  • Conferences, often with exhibitions (“Li Bin, peintre de Dalian”, “La flûte sicilienne”, “Les instruments du Moyen Age”, “Facebook, les moyens de communication modernes”, “Le libéralisme et ses ennemis”, « l’astrophysique » by Alain Le Cavelier des Etangs, « La photographie à grande vitesse » by Jacques Honvault).
  • Movie screenings and an evening event on experimental cinema

Ongoing activities:

  • Weekly conversation classes in English, German, Italian and Spanish at the Agora
  • Rehearsals for shows scheduled during the school year (French and foreign language plays, fashion shows, etc.)
  • Group-focused educational activities (skits, debates, group expression, mime, speed dating, role playing, public speaking workshops)
  • Movie screenings – one-off or tied in to courses and weekly workshops
  • Special workshops – e.g. the creation of an animated film with director David Ferré

Extracurricular workshops:

These lunch-time activities give students a chance to pursue a passion or explore new interests.

2012-2013 workshops: “Graphic Arts”, “Storytelling”, “Theatre”, “Chinese Culture”, “Japanese Culture”, “Guitar”, “Choir”, “Movie Club”, “Architecture and Landscaping”, “Science”, “Spanish”.

The Cultural Centre is a place that brings together special events and day-to-day school activities, where each student can discover a passion and find the means to develop it: a cultural breeding ground designed for – and sustained by – everybody!

Joël Pagier

Cultural Centre Manager

Conception et réalisation : Opteam Interactive