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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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A Word from the Headmaster

Guillaume Demeillers, chef d'établissement

Guillaume Demeillers, Headmaster

« We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all students, where they will find the programme of study that is just right for them.” Our programmes ensure that students are treated as individuals and are supported throughout their schooling by our clearly identified lead teachers. The result is an on-going relationship between students, families and teachers ».

Education is a team effort. First, there is our team of motivated teachers and educators who share common goals and work within a flexible educational framework. There are bridges between programmes at several moments during a child’s schooling; these help keep us from permanently misdirecting students who unsure of or dissatisfied with their course of study.

With our well-rounded education including academics, sport, art and culture at all year levels, our students are enriched in both body and mind.

We have designed St Jo to be a living school where students, teachers, educators and parents all feel comfortable and accomplish their work under the best conditions.

This is another reason we have particularly focused on developing unique educational features, such as our competence groups several subjects, modern languages in particular.

We also offer specialised classes, such as enhanced language classes and partial immersion, attesting to our openness to other cultures, near and far. Our foreign language programmes are highly varied.

With these unique features, we have set up partnerships with neighbouring, complementary schools, but also with schools in other countries, with which we form a solid network.

Lastly, our chaplaincy is attentive to pastoral training, initiatives and practices.

Institution Saint Joseph aims to be a welcoming, dynamic school for the good of all students, who are our absolute priority and must always be at the centre of the educational approach.

Chef d’établissement

Organisational chart


Headmaster: Guillaume DEMEILLERS

Facility supervisor: Lionel QUILLIOU

Head Secretary – Headmaster’s Assistant for Teaching Staff: Elisabeth HELOU



Middle School Academics Director: Isabelle JARDIN
Lead teacher for year 6

Lead teacher for years 7 and 8: Sandrine ELIOT

Lead teacher for year 9: Jean-Yves ROUAULT

Secondary School Academics Director: Gilles GAYERIE
Lead teacher for the Science stream for years 11 and 12

Lead teacher for the L-ES stream (literature, economics and social sciences) for years 11 and 12: Anne-Sophie COUSTHAM

Lead teacher for year 10: Julien LEBOURG

Academics Director for post-secondary programmes: Olivier VAVASSEUR

Lead teacher, along with Annie BOUBET, of the STS secondary certificate in organisational computer systems.

Lead teacher for the STS secondary certificate in Communication: Alexandra WAGNER

Lead teacher for the ENSM preparatory class: Jérôme VAUSSIER

Lead teacher for the prep class in economics and commerce (economics major) : Marie-Laure BRICAULT



Lead teacher for school life, middle school: Manuel COUTURIER

Assistant lead teacher for school life, middle school, in charge of years 6 and 7: Pascale PANNIER

Assistant lead teacher for school life, middle school, in charge of years 8 and 9: Sylvie TUAL

Lead teacher for school life, secondary school: Carole HOLAY

Assistant lead teacher for school life, secondary school: Marc BRAULT

Lead teacher for student affairs: Nathalie DUHAMEL


Director of student exchanges and international programmes: Emmanuelle CLEMENT

Director of cultural activities: Joël PAGIER



Chaplain: Bruno GOLFIER

Deputy chaplain: Gilles LEVASSEUR en charge du lycée et du supérieur

Lead teacher for chaplaincy, years 8 and 9: Cynthia BESTEL

Lead teacher for chaplaincy, years 6 and 7: Sophie ALBERT



Accountant: Valérie BERNARD

Secretary: Marie-Claude JEAN – Christine DA SILVA NEVES



Head Secretary (StJoSup): Stéphanie LECHEVALIER

School secretary: Marie-Line JOUEN

Main Office: Slavica DELALONDREFabienne PASQUIERMarie POISSON – Stéphanie MORICE



Cécile ACHER





Véronique AVISSE, Françoise BERLAND, Véronique CAMARA, Elisabeth DA COSTA, Maxime DEMEILLERS, Stéphanie DEUX, Sonia GRULAY, Bruno MALATESTA, Hélène SANTACREU, Nathalie VIVIER


Hélène BOIGNE, Paule DEZAILLE, Anne DOUGUET, Christine HODIERNE and Alexandra TETEREL



Computer technician: Christophe NAVARRE

Lab technician: Bénédicte NICLOT



Lead maintenance supervisor (repair, renovations, etc.): Vincent RIOT

Lead janitor (housekeeping): Isabelle BACHELET, Marie-Laure LALLEMAND

Conception et réalisation : Opteam Interactive