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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Enhanced language programmes

Enhanced language programmes for European languages


The sections européennes are enhanced language classes defined by the French Ministry of Education. Their purpose is to:

Meet the major expectation expressed by students and their families of becoming fluent in a second language ,
Give students skills for success in an increasingly Europe-oriented society,
Help students develop their civic awareness and become citizens of Europe,
Foster bilingualism,
Organise cultural activities,
Bolster international exchanges.


Students benefit from additional hours of instruction in the target language.

The language and its associated culture are highlighted. A language assistant who is a native speaker actively participates every day.

At least one exchange trip to a foreign school is organised. The students follow classes in the language of the establishment.

Many school projects and excursions are organised, such as International Week, celebrations of national holidays, plays and musicals, conferences, web exchanges, and multimedia projects.

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