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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Undergraduate diploma in IT for organisations


Today’s businesses and administrations need information to be readily available, reliable, secure, and quickly accessible. Computer services meet these performance requirements.

Graduates of the BTS SIO programme are able to analyse customer requests, make proposals, and develop computer solutions. The solutions always involve two closely-linked aspects: software and hardware.

Accordingly, there are two different majors for the BTS SIO: software, solutions and business applications (Fr. SLAM) and infrastructure, system and network solutions (Fr. SISR). Both majors involve a similar core set of courses. Students choose their major at the beginning of the second semester of first year.

Subjects taught

Philosophy and French – English – Mathematics – Economics – Management – Computer science – Software solutions – Systems and networks – Project management

Work placements and corporate partnerships

There are two compulsory work placements: four weeks at the end of first year, and seven to eight weeks during second year.

Independent study projects offer students the possibility to build a portfolio of skills that are evaluated mid-term and can help the future candidate stand apart when applying for a job.

The school is an official Regional Site of the Cisco Networking Academy and a member of MSDN Microsoft Dreamspark, which provides access to all Microsoft professional products.

Compulsory courses First year Second year
- General knowledge (Philosophy and French) 3H 2H
- English 3H 2H
- Mathematics for computer science 3H 3H
- Computer economics, management and law 5H 5H
- Computer solutions 8H* – 16H 4H
- Infrastructure solutions, systems and networks 8H* 12H
- Software and business applications 8H* 12H
- Independent study project (PPE) 4H 4H

* Second semester

Admission requirements

Admission is by application. All French school-leaving certificates – general, technological and vocational – are accepted.

Non-academic skills required

Students admitted to this programme are methodical, rigorous, willing to tackle challenges, and both self-starters and team players.

Subsequent studies

Graduates frequently continue their studies with a vocational undergraduate degree, which is also appreciated since it provides students with more field experience.

The BTS SIO may even pave the way for admission to a master’s degree or engineering programme, for example at EXIA (Rouen), SUPInfo (Lille), CCI Caux Formation (Montivilliers) and the ESC.

Career possibilities

The computer and IT industries still have a thriving job market and are continuing to grow. There is also strong job creation in corporate data security and telecoms, driven by the adoption of new services and equipment.

BTS graduates work as company employees or sub-contractors at IS development and service companies, software publishers, and tech consultancies.

There are many potential jobs, depending on a graduate’s major: system and network administrator, support and installation technician, application developer, system integrator, etc.

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