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Private Catholic middle and secondary school with partial immersion options for European and Oriental languages
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Undergraduate diploma (BTS) in communication


Graduates of this programme know how to design and implement communication actions such as advertising, events organising, and relationship building within the framework of marketing, institutional, social media or public campaigns.

The BTS prepares students to help create types and content of internal and external communication, following the strategy put in place by management. They learn to guarantee quality and consistency.

The BTS teaches non-specialist communication techniques. Graduates are able to adapt to a wide variety of work situations and act within rapidly changing professional and socio-economic settings.

Subjects taught

Communication theory – English – Management – Economics – Law – Communication project – Agencies and relationships with advertisers – Workshops

Compulsory courses First year Second year
Communication theory 4H 4H
Foreign language A 3H 3H
Company management 2H 2H
Economics 2H 2H
Law 2H 2H
Communication project 4H 4H
Agencies and relationships with advertisers 3H 3H
Operational intelligence 2H 2H
Production workshop 4H 4H
Sales relations workshop 2H 2H
Total 28H 28H
Student access to the school’s computer resources and library 3H 3H
Work placement
Elective courses
Foreign language B 2H 2H

(1) Student access to the school’s computer resources and library, as planned for by the teaching team. During these hours, students have free access to the school’s resources. The computer labs, libraries and communication labs are specifically booked at this time slot on the students’ weekly timetable.

Work placements

A total of fourteen weeks of work placement are included in the curriculum:

The production and sales relation workshops help students carry out assignments in real conditions for companies or local authorities. These assignments are evaluated and give the student their “professional passport”, a new assessment requirement of the BTS certificate.

Admission requirements

The BTS in communication is open to secondary school graduates from all general and technological streams. However, certain non-academic skills are sought: students admitted are motivated, dynamic, organised, sociable and open-minded.

Other qualities will also be useful over the course of the programme.

Subsequent studies

Vocational undergraduate degree and applied master’s degree: Le Havre, Caen, Nantes, Cergy, Paris, Nancy, Montpellier, etc.

Conventional undergraduate degree and applied master’s degree: Rouen, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, La Réunion.

CELSA, Institut des hautes études de l’Information et de la Communication: Paris Sorbonne.

IUP Communication: in Bordeaux, Rennes, Avignon, Corse, Lille, etc.

Business or management schools: admission is possible through the bridging entrance examination prepared at St Jo Sup.

Sciences Com in Amiens.

École Supérieure de la Communication in Nantes.

Other French graduate-level diplomas (D.E.A or D.E.S.S) in communication: Aix, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Paris, Rennes.

Career possibilities

In agencies

Sales manager, media manager, production manager, advertising manager.

In media

Media sales (ad space broker)

In industrial or retail companies

Internal or external communication manager

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